Minimizing pores...

  1. Ok, this is very important to me since I'm not getting any younger so my regeneration rate is slowly down as time goes on. Without further ado, here's the problem - pores

    I used to have absolutely flawless skin and invisible pores. Then one day, I tried on the Shiseido powder foundation and right away I feel irritation on my skin. When I washed off the powder foundation (very thoroughly), my pores had noticeably enlarged. Ever since then, I have continuous breakouts and my pores never went back to the way they were.

    Does ANYONE here has any suggestions on how to shrink these pores? Because right now the problem is even with no acnes, my skin will still look blemished and flawed ... It's to the point where I HAVE TO use foundations and I really try to avoid that as using foundation will only cause breakouts (vicious cycle).

  2. I'm not sure, I know there are a lot of pore minimizers on the market, maybe try on of them???
  3. Which one do you recommend? Thanks. :smile:
  4. Maybe a facialist or a dermatologist can suggest a good pore minimizer product to use?
  5. i dont think you can reduce the size of your pores. some procedures (such as microderm) claim that they can do that but what they actually do is just reducing the APPEARANCE of large pores. I have had a series of microderm and frankly, it did not do anything to me. just a waste of money :yucky:

    Btw, I did not make this up. I have the same problem and has complained to my derm A LOT and thats what he said.

    The next best thing taht you can do is not making your pores larger. To do that, you have to keep your pores clean because the gunks that we have in our pores are the very thiing that cause the enlarge pores.

    good luck
  6. What suggestions do you have for that? I have had large pores my entire life. Small black dots all over my nose. I have always hated it but have learned to live with it.
  7. use an astringent after cleansing and after washing your face splash cold water on your face you "shrink"/"tighten" your pores
  8. i pick at mine. i know you are not supposed to. but it just bothers me that it is there. you should go to a facialist and get her do extraction. you can do it yourself with the risk of transfering bacterias (if your fingers are not clean) and resulting in acnes.
  9. You could try the Queen Helene Mint Face Masque -- it is a clay masque and is intended to draw the impurities out of pores. It's cheap and it works somewhat well, but it's not the magic solution we all want. You can get it at CVS.
  10. Have you tried exfoliating with BHA?

    Paula Begoun of "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter" recommends it. I use several of her products.

    1% Beta Hydroxy Acid Gel
    All Skin Types

    Skin looks and feels smoother, softer, and more even-toned with this silky, water-based gel formula that exfoliates the skin’s surface and inside the pore lining. Appropriate for all skin types, but best for someone with normal to oily or combination skin prone to blemishes and blackheads.
    • 1% salicylic acid helps smooth skin’s texture and minimize blemishes and blackheads
    • pH of 3.4 is optimal for effective exfoliation
    • 100% fragrance- and colorant-free
    I feel your pain because I too have large pores that tend to get clogged up with blackheads :sick: if I get lax with my skin care routine.
  11. OOH another Paula fan. I have her book as well and subscribe to her e-newsletter. What other products have you tried?
  12. i use jurlique moor mud masque. it's expensive, but it works quite well. i smear some on my nose (where i have blackheads) every night before bed and sleep in it. you should be able to tell a difference after about three days. my facialist recommended it to me, she said it was the only product that she ever tried that really did anything. when i went home to see my parents for the first time after i had been using it for a while, my mom immediately noticed the difference.
  13. I was on a big Paula kick for a while and tried a bunch of her skin care products and some lip stuff. For the most part, it sounds like the ladies on like her stuff too. I've used her facial cleanser, toner, sunscreen, moisturizers (I'm really digging the Skin Balancing Moisture Gel for the summer now), AHA, antioxidant concentrate, blemish control, etc.

    I noticed a difference after using the exfoliants and blemish control, and I'm hoping using stuff like her antioxidants, newer toner and sunscreens will help prevent future damage. But I'm not a big fan of her body care stuff.

    I like her lipliner in Mocha and Sheer Creme Lipstick in In the Nude and want to try her new antioxidant concentrates.

    BTW, she has free shipping now for the July 4th holiday.

    -- What do you like from her products? And do you think the newsletter is worth getting? Thanks!

    Oh, and on another topic, I got the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence as a gift (which I asked for) because I'd heard good things about it. But I'm a bit scared to use it because I have sensitive and dry skin. Does anyone have experience with this stuff?

    I do want to add that over the years, I've learned that less is more when it comes to facial care....
  14. I use the Clinique Pore Minimizer kit (they're actually having a sale on it right now)... and it works wonders!
  15. Mine aren't big blackheads but look like tiny pinpricks filled with black dots. I looked at it the other night and I don't see the black as much any more. Just the little holes. Does this work on that?