Minimalist Nirvana!

  1. It was raining this morning. And I had to go to the effing grocery store. And had to take an umbrella. Which I hate. & I especially hate carrying an umbrella, a bag + groceries. So I stuck my AmEx card in my Damier cles + a few bucks in cash just in case, put the cles in my raincoat pocket & off I went.

    What freedom! What liberation!

    I had BOTH hands free!

    I usually use a shoulder bag (Damier Ravello GM) but shoulder bags fall off. It's true. Can't help it. An umbrella + grocery bags + falling-off shoulder bag = a PITA.

    I have found (for at least today) minimalist nirvana.

    Are there any other minimalists here? And what bags, wallets do you most love & find most useful?:tup:
  2. Sometimes I like to just grab my azur zippy wallet when running quick errands like getting a few groceries or going to the video store. It's compact enough that I can tuck it under my arm but it's big enough for all my cards, coins and cash.
  3. My Poche Toilette 26! It is minimalist and tres chic! It really doubles as a nice clutch for casual dinners out and for running daily errands. I love it!
  4. yup! sometimes I just grab my wapity or alexandra wallet and off I go!
  5. I take my ludlow and multicles, stick it in my pockets and I'm pretty much set for anything!
  6. Fun thread. I love the liberating feeling of being able to fit my essentials into a pochette, throw it on, and dash out the door.
  7. Yes ! I love just clipping my cles to my jeans and then off I go ! The best of course, is a night out, there's no way that my bumbling can lose that cles, it's clipped on ! :graucho:
  8. I love my pochette cosmetique! I can cram my id, cash, chapstick, cell phone, and gum in it.
  9. This is a great idea-you have converted me :idea:
  10. I hardly ever do this! I gotta try it soon!! It does sound liberating!
  11. Yeah for Damier Cles! I often just running around w/phone, keys attached to my perfo cles w/id, cash, lip gloss and credit card. It's actually quite fun put them on table just like guys do with their wallet when meeting friends!
  12. I love that feeling too! It's great not to have a big bag sometimes, and the pochettes are so cute and practical!
  13. my trunks and bags pochette i loop the chain around my belt loop on my hip and there you go!!
  14. i wish i could do so...why, oh why i have to carry the whole office with me:p
  15. Damier Florin wallet or Damier cles... I'm guy so I use wallet alone more than together with my bags.