1. Has there ever been a time where you thought you had too much of something? Sometimes I fear that if I have too much LV, I'll end up selling a couple of them in the future (but of course I'll still save my favorites!). Although there are some designers that I like more than others (i.e., 1.) LV, 2.) Coach, 3.) Fendi, etc.) I have favorites and gripes with each designer, and I don't like having to restrict myself to only a couple designers. Anybody else who shares the same sentiment?
  2. I'l say eclecttic, I was beginiing to get a thing for Mandarina Duck but it helps that their current lines are awful, lol! I used to like their clean designs on their leather only items. For the future I can see myself getting a couple of LVs a vintage chanel and maybe an Hermes. but I wouldn't stick to just one designer.
  3. I like what I like and will not stay with a designer if I don't like their current offerings. :biggrin:
  4. Eclectic too - the most I own are two bags from the same designer, that's not to say that if I saw more that I liked I wouldn't buy them but I somehow feel it is wrong to slavishly stick to one designer - keep an open mind! I have a Dior saddle but hate the Goucho. Throwing a bit of vintage into the mix helps to keep my collection fresh and varied - after all it is very rare that you arrive at an event toting a vintage buy and find someone else has the same bag!