Minimalist Bags

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  1. Are there any brands out there that have bags that cater to the minimalist ? I'm still new to this whole bag world.
  2. What kind of minimalism are you into? I dislike logos and large hardware, some of my favorites are Longchamp, Lumi and Modalu. All do very simple designs, and also use color. I love colorful bags.
  3. I'm not into logos and large hardware.
  4. There are many minimalist bags from every designer. How much are you willing to spend?
  5. Like Amazona, what does minimalist mean to you?

    I like my purses to have clean lines, no large garrish logos - I'm a fan of Ferragamo generally, prada saffiano, and fendi 2jours
  6. I'm working on a student budget. $200-600
  7. Around the same where I move, most of the time. The brands I listed in my earlier post all fit in that category! :smile:
  8. Thanks :smile:
  9. Not a big name at all, but I have purchased from a store in Richmond called Need Supply. They have a website and physical location, with pretty decent customer service. I'm very minimalist when it comes to my clothes, bags not so much. But last year they had a simple grey bucket bag that I just had to have. I love that bag. They have great options within (and maybe a little below) your price range that perfectly fits minimalist!
  10. Woud you consider preloved? Might make your budget go a little further.
  11. Mansur Gavriel fits the bill.
  12. I'd recommend Furla and Coccinelle. Hugo Boss also has some nice bags if you don't mind that it produced uniform for the NAZI soldiers.
  13. I suggest Madewell or JCrew. They are definitely on the lower end of your budget but are very nice quality.
  14. Oh yes to Coccinelle - beautiful leather
  15. Are you considering premier or contemporary on pre loved market