Minilisa colors for spring?

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  1. I searched for this but can't find info,..what colors will the minilisa come in for spring? I want this bag but dont want the current colors
  2. i was asking that in a different thread (i'm a little new to TPF) but it's in berry blue on the tano site! i havent seen it online yet, in any stores, boohoo
  3. thanks!
    hmm, maybe a plum jam would be nice
  4. kitteh stepped on keyboard
  5. They often keep the same stock photo from various seasons even if the colors are updated.

    Gahhh why couldn't they have made the minilisa in blue hawaiian!?
  6. Minilisa will not be offered next season. Anyone who wants one had better get one soon!
  7. That's weird.
  8. Ok, that seals the deal regarding my return remorse - I just reordered it. If not I would have always wondered what if....
  9. I am so sad. I finally decided that I really wanted a Minilisa in truffle but they are gone now. :cry: Does anyone know if this color will be made again?
  10. i'm nuts :drool: i pre-ordered a berry blue minilisa....i swear, this will be my last tano before fall!! AHHHH
  11. ^^ LOL pgtea!

    Congrats tori, I hope you like it better the second time around!

    I:heart:Tanos.. that stinks! I'd keep your eye out for one on ebay or check some of the other online etailers! If I find one I will definitely PM you ;)!
  12. Probably not.....I've yet to see a color repeat other than black.