Minigingerbread's mini collection!

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  1. Been waiting to do this for quite some time. I'm very excited! Here's my collection so far. It's not a huge one but I'm done with expanding for the moment. I hope to enjoy them right now. Hope you enjoy the photos too!
    First up is a group shot...

  2. I'll start with my chanel family...

  3. #3 Mar 25, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2014
    I'll start with this cute little vintage pouch. It was passed down to me from an aunt in my late teens. I didn't care about designer back then. So it was sitting in my closet for about 10 years before I saw it one day and go 'what?? I left this beauty here?!? What's wrong with me?'
    It holds up surprisingly well after all these years. It's perfect to be a phone pouch. Plus some cards.

  4. The gold does not tarnish one bit. Despite the humid weather here.
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    Next is this beauty. I chanced upon her while hunting for a classic medium flap. Her beauty steered me off course and here she is! I love the chain, the side motif, and the unique design. I still don't know her name, by the way.

  6. My vintage camera bag. Just.Love.

  7. My bronze 227. Beautiful but I'm not using her much these days. I'm contemplating selling her but I'm not sure.

  8. Next is my bubble flap bag. Love that she's buttery soft and easy on the shoulders.
  9. My last chanel is my beige caviar pst with ghw.
  10. cant wait to see more!
  11. Ah, my one and only mulberry. Roxanne in oak. Very darn heavy, absolutely impractical, but totally in love!
  12. My 2 vintage celine box bags. I consider myself very lucky to get the red one as during my search for a red vintage box bag (which was forever), the red was extremely hard to come by. Most were black, navy and monogram. The leather scratches quite easily though.
  13. My vintage white Gucci clutch with detachable shoulder strip. Love how simple and elegant she looks. She is still very white. And she doesn't scream Gucci. I don't like it when bags have their logo plastered all over them.
  14. My vintage D&G shoulder bag. I guess by now you'd know I'm a vintage lover!
  15. The bunch of metal attachments do make clink-clang sounds as I walk. A little embarrassing at times. But who cares? :smile: