Minibout Zep 942 Pumps

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  1. Does anyone have these shoes? 0452595046657_275x275.jpg

    How is the fit? I tried the 7's at the store...they didnt have the 7 1/2's, and they were super tight near the toes. So i'm hoping the 7 1/2 will be a better fit. Does the 1/2 size really make a difference at the toe area?
  2. I have them in black & had them in Taupe. I used my regular CL size in the black (39) and I put a heel liner in them because the back would slip off. I had the Taupe in a 38.5 which made the back stay on but the toe was a little snug. I think the 38.5 worked better because its kid leather & it will open up a bit.
  3. The half size should do it. :flowers:

    I've tried these on a few times, but I just never feel like they look right...In theory they are so gorgeous, but on my feet, I never feel that way. Wah!
  4. Really???
    Someone else here said the same thing. I told them to try again then she changed her mind and got them lol
    So ill say it again, try again.
    No matter what, when you look directly down at the shoe while on, they usually do look a bit funny.
  5. It could be the shape of my feet. Hehe! Maybe if they make it to sale, I'll give in... :heart:
  6. I love the Mini Bouts! I find them really comfy--but I agree, they look funny at first when you try them on and look down--the toe box is very short. (Lots of toe cleavage.) They look gorgeous from the side, though, and no one else looks at them straight down.

    The pics Stinas posted are amazing--they look great on her--well, let's face it--what shoe doesn't? (They're in the Post Pics thread.)

    I went up half a size--see if you can get a 7.5!
  7. Sales are always great! I give in even more when the price drops!
  8. They do look funny!!!! Omg...when I tried on the 7's at the store my mom stared at my feet and so did did the sales. We all looked at each other and I guess kinda agreed the cutout pumps looked better on me. But ever since I started looking into CL's I wanted this pair. They look good in pictures...but like the little slit looks a little weird when you actually put them on ur feet. The slit doesnt really show any feet fingers...I mean I couldn't really figure if my feet were too big or the shoe was too small.

    Since Saks was having thier $150 gift card thing...and they actually had 37 1/2 on the website I decided that was a sign for my to snatch it up. Last pair too...last time I looked they didnt have my size. Its a sign!
  9. I could see my toes in them. lol
  10. Yes that would be me :P Stinas told me I should give it another try and I did and got the pink minibouts and I LOVE them!!! Suprisingly very comfortable as well. Definitely try them again! Thanks for telling me Stinas! :yes:
  11. Stinas! Wow! They look fantastic on you...:love: Did you get the Taupe too?? You are my hero! :heart:
  12. I still don't know how I feel about this shoe. I really want to love it so I bought it in my two favorite colors, nude and pink. But Asha mentioned that the peep toe looks like a nostril and now that's all I think about it when I look at them.

    You would be surprised that 1/2 a size does make a big difference so I'm glad that you found a 7 1/2. I can't wait to see your modeling photos.

    Stinas - I agree that this style looks great on you.
  13. :roflmfao: That is the best description for it. Granted the rest of the shoe is hot, but that little peeptoe, just keeps me from putting it on my foot. I felt like the same way about the foxtrots last year, but this year I have changed my tune. The thing is, it looks better on, on other people.
  14. I just bought a pair, but may need to return them -- they're about a half size too small and they aren't available anywhere in a larger size... I wear a 42 already. Clearly God hates me and gave me boats for feet! Anyone ever stretched them in the toe box? Would that work?
  15. First of all, Stinas should be a foot model. All of your shoes look stunning! I think that the width of your foot must be more 'normal', mine is wide and I couldn't cram my feet into any size and have them look normal. I finally got my dream patent Joli's and no, my super wide feet wouldn't fit!!!