Minibout: Grey & Brown the same?

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  1. I've been looking at pics of both the grey and the brown and for the life of me cannot see the difference. I'm not colorblind or anything. Maybe IRL they look different? Can anyone shed some light? Thanks!
  2. There is NO difference. They look like both colors, so people call them brown some call them grey.
    They are really Taupe....thats what the box says.
    Here are a couple pics of the Taupe & Black side by side. Excuse the quality of the pics...cell phone pics....OLD pics too....I regret returning the Taupe. Sooo pretty!
  3. I like the taupe. Very pretty!
  4. They look brown here....I guess thats why people call them grey & brown
  5. I really like these on. A sales associate from Barneys just called to say they are on sale, which I also saw in the Deals and Steals forum, and I was uncertain until I just saw them on you, Stinas. I haven't even worn my first two pairs of Louboutins yet and I'm thinking of this. boooooo :smile:
  6. the description on barneys first says "dark gray" and then it says "brown", so it probably changes depending on the light....
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    I have the brown now and saw the grey on sale on Barneys. Wanted to snap those up if they were different colors. Since they're the same....I guess there is no point. Thanks everyone for the information!

    Oooh..I just had a great idea....maybe I can order the shoe anyway and dye it black!!! I did want the black but they were out of my size.
  8. Stinas, I love how you have little pictures of your shoes on the boxes!! Super cute!
  9. haha i know wat u mean!! i wanted black too but was gnna get the grey since i figured they were close to black.. but now i guess they are more brown :sad: bleh hmm i wonder if dying them might work, bc that is a good idea!!:tup:
  10. We need to get mama yaya to post a picture of her closet with pictures on her shoe boxes. Really cute idea! Yours looks great, too, stinas!
  11. I have both pair as well. You can see pictures of them in my collection thread on the first page. The box does call them Taupe, but I agree that they look different in varying shades of light. They are very pretty though and comfortable...
  12. has anyone had luck calling barneys to get them in black on sale? no luck for me yet...... i think i am going to order these, and if i don't like the color, i will just return them.
  13. Anyone know if Barneys have any left in stores? 6 or 6.5