Minibout chocolate vs. taupe??

  1. Hi girls,

    just one question. I love the minibout style. But I´m not sure about the color "chocolate". Do you think that chocolat looks like the pictures in net-a-porter? Thats not really chocolate??!! Is it maybe the same color like the taupe on other online stores? Or really different colors ? I saw pictures in taupe and it was a bit more brown like the chocolate brown.

    THANKS :love:
  2. Hi - it's the same colour as the taupe on other online stores - not sure why Browns and NAP call it chocolate as it is really not.
  3. I took pictures of mine today. You can see what they are under normal camera lighting. The bys taupe on the side as well! :smile: They are from NAP.



  4. ^^^Caroline's pictures show the color well--that's exactly what mine look like.

    It's a nice earth tone color that looks great with browns, beige, cream, etc.
  5. I think the taupe looks amazing I didn't know they came in brown, just wondering what is that little "black" line in the front?
  6. @caroline
    I looooooooooooove your Cl´s !!! :smile: And I just saw, that my size (40) is sold out on net-a-porter :sad: :sad: :sad: I could order the black one... but think thats boring :sad:((((
  7. The little black line is the piece of string holding the "Can't return if removed tag" onto them. Thats all. I need to try them on this afternoon and verify that they fit! ;)

  8. I love this color!
  9. The Chocolate & Taupe are the same thing. Just described differently. Same shoe.
    Here they are on.
  10. @stinas
    Think you have the black minibouts also?? right?? Which one do you like more?
    I just bought the black lady gres in 39,5 ... but the green leather in size 40.
    Do you think I can buy the taupe in 39,5... if I have nearly with every CL 40??

    Love the taupe color... :smile:
  11. @stinas and caroline

    what are your wearing with this taupe color?? Almost with jeans??
  12. Bambi,

    I am wearing them to the in-laws today with jeans, but I have a suit they match from Talbots, a pair of leather pants from North Beach that match almost perfectly, as well as other piecemeal items in my warddrobe that they would go with.

  13. yes, I have them in both colors. I'm normally a 39 in CL, I got the black in a 39 & taupe in 38.5. Not much of a difference
    I wear the black with everything. I have not worn the taupe yet, but you can wear it with anything too!
  14. @caroline
    thaaaanks for everything :smile: You know what I mean !!
    What do you think... Is this style very thight? If I need 40 in other styles... maybe it would work in 39,5 if i stretch it in the front??? Or is there no chance ??

    Regarding the color.. Would you match also other brown colors with it? I mean dark or rich brown???

    Thaaaaaaaanks!!! :smile: