Miniature Mono Speedy is too cute!

  1. That's absurd! Adorable, but beyond pushing it.
  2. That is just adorable - I want to hug it, but for that $$ someone else will have to.
  3. ^ amen!
  4. yes! they are VERY cute! but too much for me!
  5. are you for real 1850? its cute but not for that amount
  6. It's very cute ..... but for that price ..... I'll pass. :p
  7. Cute but def not worth the $ IMO
  8. :wtf:
  9. so cute... way too much oney though!
  10. So adorable but I can't believe the price!
  11. They are not that much retail ;)
  12. awwww so cute!!!
  13. so cute, but the price isnt