Miniature Lockit..will there be a big one???

  1. Does anyone know if they will be making a reg sized one in MC??? That will be to die for!!!!:yahoo:
    This is the pic from Karens website (its the mini)
  2. It's a possibility, but I doubt it... :s
  3. I'm still waiting for an MC speedy sans excess hardware and pocket- just the regular shape in MC :drool:
  4. o:huh:h, now THAT would be to die for!! :nuts:
  5. I would also love a BH, BV or PH in MC....what about you guys???
  6. A multicolore lockit would be really cool
  7. I wouldn't rule it out just yet John...:graucho:
  8. I asked the manager here and they informed me NO :confused1:
  9. ^ They always say that NO!
  10. Really?!? Well i wont get my hopes down since most of the time we pfers know more than they do.....
  11. Sometimes they do say YES ...the manager of my LV has been suggesting a S/O for me for a while ... I am awaiting to hear what they say in regards to my request for a damier lockit;)
  12. Hmm... possibly because the Lockit just came out again... and in order for LV to start accepting SO's for bags, they have to be out for at least 2 years... :s
  13. Im not even thinking about an SO, Im thinking a new line:wlae:
  14. It's expensive but so adorable. It's a collector piece.
  15. Yeah, I know you weren't talking about a SO... I was referring to what shalomjude said. ;)