Miniature Horses for The Blind

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  1. great idea!!! thanks for posting!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. That's cool! Having owned and been around horses, I know full well their intelligence and capacity for affection. If a horse trusts and loves his caretaker, he'll go to the ends of the earth for his person.
  4. My parents had 4 miniature horses when they had a barn and acreage in Rancho Santa Fe. They were so cute and sweet. They would follow you around like dogs.
  5. Ah so lovely, horses & dogs so faithful!
  6. forgot to add so intelligent :smile:
  7. I wonder how much exercise and open space a tiny horse would require...:idea:

    Not that it matters...I live in a concrete jungle industrial area. :sad:
  8. Thanks for posting! Horses are so intelligent and there are so many stories of their bravery and devotion to their owners. We have a horse at the stable where I keep my guy that saved his owners life. They were hunting and the horse fell going over a log fence. The rider's foot was caught in the stirrup, her leg was broken amongst other head & back injuries and she was pinned between two logs..if the horse would have moved she would have sustained extremely serious injuries. Instead of freaking out the horse actually stayed lying down and whinnied until other riders located them!!
  9. Aw, what a great story :heart:
  10. Wow. truely amazing :heart: thanks for sharing that story :smile:
  11. I saw this, so adorable.
  12. I have seen this before...I love miniature horses, and if I could I would own a whole field of them! I think its awesome though!
  13. i saw a special on that! it really is great how these animals can help people!