Mini Zipped Bayswater

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  1. I tried on the new mini size Zipped Bayswater last week and really liked it. It kind of reminded me of the Celine Nano. I love the size, zip top and carrying options. Anyone else like it?
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  2. Yeah love it! I have the small Bayswater (not the zipped) and love it’s harder structure.
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  3. I think it's adorable!
  4. Looks cute! Rani, are you going to buy one?
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  5. I hopefully will be buying a black leather bag in April next year for my birthday. I was looking for a small black bag for weekends. I did really like it. For a small size it still seemed quite roomy. I also really like the Sac de jour Baby in the Souple leather and some of the LV leather bags, but this is a much better price and has a zipper on the top. Still trying to decide. I will update this thread if I do purchase it.
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  6. It‘s very cute, personally I like it better than the small version. And it’s crossbody
    But it’s quite a bit larger than the Céline Nano, isn’t it?
  7. Yes, I think it is larger than the Celine Nano.
  8. I think it is really a cute bag!!
    I would love to add it in oak to my collection but I am on bag purchase ban now.. Let’s see until when ;)
  9. I love it! I was looking at it online cute!
  10. I love it too! It's so cute. :heart: It would be nice to see what fits in. I suppose it's kind of a same size as mini Cara, but wider of course on the top.
  11. I tried it on in person. I posted pics on another thread. It's the perfect size and good price point. no tax if your state doesn't have a Mulberry store. The red makes my heart sing.
  12. Hi did you ever buy one of these bags as I’m debating the same choices as you!, thanks
  13. Hi, no I didn't. I did buy an LV bag a few months ago but realised I didn't feel comfortable about the open top so returned it. I would choose the Mulberry mini zipped Bayswater if I had to choose again. I love the size, the zipper closure and carrying options.
  14. I love my mini zip bayswater! I wish I can find a purse organizer for it. Has anyone had any luck finding one that fits?
  15. Hello - Try online. They do lots of sizes and colours but also do a bespoke service if you send them measurements!
    I always buy my liners from them and they come beautifully packaged too!
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