Mini White MC speedy & Applegarde problem

  1. I've been using Applegarde for a few years and decided to spray my mini white mc speedy about a month ago. I've never had a problem with the water/stain spray before so imagine my surpise :hysteric: when I picked up my mini speedy and there were horrible yellowish/tan stains all over the white mc canvas! :wtf: I emailed applegarde a month ago and no response so far.

    Anyone have any hints or tips I can try to get the stains off? And has anyone had this problem before with white MC? Thanks!! :flowers:
  2. OMG! Sooo sorry to hear that! That's my fear of using any of those products to protect the vachetta...I'm afraid of all the side effects that could possibly happen because all my monogram products have a great patina without ever using that stuff and I'm unsure if I should start now. But to try and get the stains off first use a damp white cloth, then get a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and rub gently while dry and then slightly wet it and rub again. Hope that helps!
  3. Did you take extra care to make sure all the canvas was covered with a towel before you sprayed??? or did you spray the handles and then let them touch the canvas and that's how the color appeared?

    If the spray got directly on the canvas from spraying the vachetta then I'm not sure AppleGuard will be able to do much as they only want you to spray leather with it.
  4. Can you post pictures?
    I suggest you try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.:flowers:
  5. Thanks Mr Posh Spice for the tip, I'll give it a try and see what happens.

    I made sure everything was covered and then sprayed but it must have run down the handles and splatted some on the canvas. :sad: In hindsight I should have went back a few minutes later and wiped up any additional drippings. I guess this is why I only have 3 or 4 white bags and the rest are dark bags.

    I'll try to post pictures of it later. Also, I've been meaning to post my purse collection for a few weeks now. Guess this is the kick in the bum that I need.

    Thanks again everyone! If it doesn't work I'll have to send this bag off to LV or a pro and have them work on it. :shrugs:
  6. Oh no! I hope it goes away with just some simple cleaning!