Mini Waist Bag - Visual Aid please!

  1. Can someone who has a mini waist bag please post a visual aid photo for me? I'd like to see how it looks like and I have absolutely no possibility of going to the boutique to the check it out.
  2. I only have this dark photo.

    I can try and get you better photos tonight.. I have the mini belt bag in both the black gg and the brown with pink trim.

    It is small but I have to say I love both of them. It fits my frame (I'm 5ft tall) and I just carry my phone, money, cards, id, lip gloss and lotion.
  3. Thank you missmelanie! I've been thinking for a while of getting a waist bag. I guess the smaller one is better for me as well, the big seems really big and if I need more space I can just take a small messenger bag with me. If you happen to have time to post a photo of you wearing the beige one I would really appreciate it! :flowers: