Mini Victoria Bracelet Reveal

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  1. Hi Everyone! So I've always been in love with the Tiffany victoria collection and hope to one day save up to have the medium earrings and pendant.

    I came across a faboulous deal in the preloved market for the mini bracelet but couldn't get myself to buy it. The listing expired and I was so upset at myself for not buying it when I had the chance. A week later the seller relisted it at an even lower price and I immediately purchased the bracelet without going to my local Tiffanys to try it on.

    When it first came in the mail I felt it was a bit dainty for me but I'm starting to fall in love with the simplicity of it. Most of Tiffany bracelets are from RTT collection which are a lot more substantial on my wrist.

    It didn't come with a suede box but I took it to Tiffanys for cleaning/ authentication and they gave me a blue box and pouch (wouldn't give me suede box but I will try again at another location).

    The seller accepts returns within 15 days. What do you guys think? Keep or return? This is the second piece I've purchased pre-loved. I do really like it but even with 60% off the retail price i do think I may have over paid because the braclet is so dainty.

    Here are some pics. Its a 7 inch platnium bracelet with 4 marquise cut diamonds. Total carat weight is 0.10


    1466124552965.jpg 1466124573846.jpg 1466124582664.jpg

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  2. I think it is beautiful and worth the price. It only feels dainty because you are used to wearing thicker bracelets. It's a classic, so I would keep it if the price feels right!
  3. I think it is so gorgeous!!
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  4. This bracelet is really beautiful and looks beautiful on your wrist.
    Is it moving around ?
  5. The bracelet is beautiful! How much did you pay for it if I may ask?
  6. I LOVE it! Does the little diamond star rotate to the bottom of your wrist during the day?
  7. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments. The diamond does occasionaly flip over but for the most part stays right side up. I think if i had the bracelet shortened a little it wouldn't flip as much but i like the comfort of the 7 inch chain.

    I paid $1100 canadian and the retail price is $2600 plus tax of 13%.

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  8. I think it looks stunning!
    Maybe go to your local tiffany store and try on some other diamond bracelets - then you can find the one you 100% want?

    I would keep it if I were you because you wanted it and were kicking yourself for not purchasing it the first time round. Big bracelets don't go with everything and you can never go wrong with Tiffany Diamonds.

    Dont stress over it too much! Either decision is the right one :smile:

  9. It is so beautiful ...
    The way I always test to ensure I really want to keep something is to ask myself "If I sent it back and got a refund would I feel regret or relief."

    Good luck with your choice
  10. I think it's gorgeous! very dainty and elegant, something you can wear for years to come. sounds like you got a pretty good deal, too.
  11. That's a great price and it looks gorgeous on!
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    You've gotten it authenticated so you know it's a real deal. And you regretted the first time, like JessicaRabbit1 said. And the discount is incredible, the design is very classical(you can dress up or down with this one). I would say you've made a very good purchase.
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    Thanks everyone for your comments! After wearing the bracelet for a few days ive decided to keep it :smile:

    Its very simple yet beautiful and i dont have anything like it in my collection.
  14. It's beautiful! I'm glad you decided to keep it. It looks good on you.
  15. So gorgeous, I would be keeping this.
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