Mini Veneta Owners Unite!

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  1. Having very recently discovered the pleasures of the Mini Veneta (it is the perfect night-out bag! It holds all that you need for fun - smartphone, ID/credit cards, small cosmetic case, keys, tissue...) I thought it is about time these little treasures of Bottega Veneta got their own thread.

    Please, post your Mini Veneta here: Please include the year and color, if you would. It's recommended you water stamp your images.

    I'll start with my own recent acquisition, the lovely Ebano Intrecciato Intagli Mini Veneta, from the Resort 2007/2008 season (thanks to TDL for that information). I love the pop of bright blue for the lining!

    First photo, the Mini is shown next to my Medium Nuvolato Paille Veneta for size comparison.
    smaller1.jpg smaller2.jpg smaller3.jpg
  2. ^ I don't have any minis but I do have the large version of your intagli and I just love the leather. It's buttery soft yet not a total puddle. I hope BV does more bags with this treatment.
  3. I have one! Ebano Mini Veneta. I took it on Yoga retreat to the Dominican Republic last March, perfect eveing bag with linen Summer dresses!
  4. and it's intaglia
    bet it is super soft
    very very nice
  5. I'd post picture mine too. Indiaink, love your mini. Very pretty
  6. Tiger mini veneta - I have to figure out how to watermark my pictures. Need to get Adobe Photoshop first.

    Comparison of Medium Shock and mini Tiger
    2012-10-21_15-58-39_471-1.jpg 2012-10-09_19-10-15_692.jpg 2012-10-21_15-59-51_335.jpg
  7. How cool - these little Venetas are so cute. I too have the intagli in a large and just love that leather.
  8. I had one in assenzio but sold it. What a fun little bag!
  9. i love the mini veneta but what do you do with them? cosmetic case? clutch?
  10. Is this style still available? They look perfect for an evening bag.
  11. I used it as a flirty casual evening bag in Hawaii. It can hold a phone, lipstick and small wallet. Not much more.

    I sold mine because the Iron bag served the same purpose for me and yet it had more room and I could toss it on my shoulder.
  12. It's an evening bag, for me. I can get my iPhone, keys, Burt's Bees, ID and CC, small leather case inside of it - it just looks so cool.
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    they are like a wristlet but better because they slouch just like a veneta and they get so soft
    you can get your keys and phone and probably a credit card case in it
    don't own one but I am sure these ladies are lucky enough to own one will be glad to tell you their capacity

    they are still available
    I am not sure if they are on the website or not
    but if you call a store I am sure they will help you

  14. Soooooo cute!!!
  15. Thank you!