Mini vacation.

  1. I end my finals of May 25.
    On June 1 I start my summer session.

    I want a mini vacation. I live in NY and my bf wants to go to Atlantic City for the weekend. What are some other options for a mini vacation. I want to go to Atlantis in Bahamas but I definitelty want to spend more than a couple of days there because I loved it last time. I am thinking maybe Canada or I don't know. I want to RELAX but not be bored to death.
  2. How about Vegas? You could relax around the hotel pool during the day and then whoop it up at night!
  3. what about toronto? its not too far and there's tons to do
  4. I can't think of anything but hope you come up with something good! Good luck with your finals!
  5. Thanks. I hope so too!
  6. I hear Montreal is beautiful but have never been
  7. You could do a spa weekend and get pampered.
  8. washington dc is bf and i had so much fun walking around there...and it's not too far from ny.
  9. That sounds so good!
  10. He wants to go to Atlantic City. Go to the spa, go shopping and catch a show or a fight or a boxing match. I guess we will do that. It isn't far and if it will be nice I could sit on the beach.
  11. Vegas rocks! The Venetian or The Bellagio or any fab hotel you could see some shows go shopping and have fabulous spa treatments done!:cool:
  12. how about a nice spa resort in Scottsdale, AZ?
  13. yeah vegas sounds fun just about now... maybe u wanna take us with u? hehehe..
  14. I want to go to scottsdale but it is far and we only have 3 of 4 days.
  15. What about toronto, canada? it's not far and it's beautiful during summer =) (or even slightly pre-summer!)