Mini Twiggy: There are definitely two sizes!

  1. I just received my teal mini twiggy today, and I was comparing it to the pictures another member took of her holding her turquoise, and mine is definitely smaller. I looked at the distance between the studs on the two bags and the size difference was quite obvious. Also, the dolma green one on ebay is the bigger size. So, in conclusion, there are definitely two sizes. I suppose one is the mini twiggy and one is the barrel bag?

    On a side note, the teal color is gorgeous! I had never seen it in person and didn't think I would love it this much :love::love:
  2. What is the number on yours? 138223 or 138224?

    Congrats!!! Love that color!!!!! Even more than my turq, I think. Maybe a tie.
  3. wait... what? you have a seafoam TWIGGY right? take some measurements of your teal mini twiggy please- because the dolma on eBay is the same measurements of my mini twiggy that i had... and the measurements on atelier.naff

    and it was damn small. i dont know if it is possible to be smaller... and still carry things. i thought mine looked like a child's bag on me, its so small. (i'm used to big bags thogh...)

    it should be about 10x4x6
  4. Wait for LP to chime in too...I think she figured out the size difference.
  5. Thanks! It is a great color. I haven't seen the 05 turquoise in real life yet. The number on mine is 138224.
  6. Yes, I have a seafoam twiggy, but I was referring to the mini twiggy. The measurements are about 7.5x4x4, so I have the smaller size. It is very small, but still fits my LV koala wallet, balenciaga coin purse (used as makeup bag) and cell.
  7. ^i thought maybe you were confusing the twiggy with the barrel bag... which sometimes the mini twiggy is called.

    wow, that is much smaller... interesting! 2 mini twiggy sizes! cool!
  8. Do you have a picture of your mini twiggy?
  9. ^Thanks. Yeah, that is definitely larger than mine. It looks great in sky blue!
  10. i bet it looks better in teal!! ;)
  11. mocean, what is the number in yours?

    mine is 138223. i think mine is the bigger size.
  12. fj's mini is the same size as my apple green that i posted last week. like mocean said, it's small, more ideal for a "going out" bag...i bought the mini sight unseen. i thought it was the same size as chi's when i ordered it on the phone. believe me, i was in twiggy shock when i set my eyes on this bag. :lol: i think i'll stick w/ the twiggy. :yes:

    here's a photo of my apple green: