Mini Twiggy Teal!!

  1. It's so cute!:love:

    How much stuff can a mini twiggy carry?

    Is it bigger or smaller than a box?
  2. its from our beloved pf-er....
    good luck chloesmygirl ......................
  3. Do I spy another B-bag in the mirror reflection?;)
  4. Thanks me_love_purse!

    The mini twiggy holds alot more than I expected. There are pictures in my auction that show how much it can hold. I would say that it holds about as much as a first.

    I would love for a PFer to get this one! :girlsigh:
  5. so beautiful! Good luck with your sale cholesmygirl and love your avatar!
  6. Man. I am so tempted... chloe this is gorgeous!!!
  7. i wanted to get this... but... i just got a mini twiggy *_*~~~~~~~
  8. I got this beautiful bag thanks to this lovely member chloesmygirl
    :yahoo: :yahoo: i will post pics soon!!!
  9. Yea!!!:wlae::wlae:I"m soooo glad you like her :P!