Mini tote in Limo?

  1. Does anyone have the BV mini tote that is featured on the BV Web site? It is limo with a "flap" over the top of the tote along with the adjustable handles. I am looking for a summer bag in limo. I don't want a big tote but a handbag. The idea of adjustable handles appeals to me so I could carry it on my shoulder if needed. I am just worried this tote might be too small. Does anyone have a mini tote and if so, can you post pics?? Thanks.
  2. I'd love to know about the Mini Tote, too. I would have loved one in Old Petra but they don't make it in this color. The measurements are stated on the BV website but I have yet to try one on in person to see if it's too small.
  3. I'd love to hear about it too-it's a cutie!
  4. Its cute, but smaller than a piece of paper, would like to see it though.
  5. It's so cute, I love it!!!