Mini Surprises!

  1. I just got back from the LV shop! Went to exchange my husband's birthday present. Planned to get him a document holder, and maybe even something for myself like a white epi bag, a striped antigua cabas mm or a denim cruise bag since the Nimbus and the other clouds were all sold out. But despite all the planning, once i got into the shop, everything went into disarray and I got home with this! Now still a bit shocked, did I do the right thing?:sweatdrop:

  2. oooooo what's inside???
  3. Show us!
  4. Ok more pics!! I m quite dysphoric now! I can't figured out if I really need these 3 bags! My DH thinks I m nuts when he saw them :wtf:

  5. three??? WOW!
  6. I know, I m a bit crazy today. The SA convinced me that my DH does not need an expensive LV bag. She took out so many bags and I got confused! In the end, not wanting to waste any more of the kind SA's time, I just hurriedly picked them out at random. Now I m really feeling dysphoric. What have I done! :roflmfao: Now I can post again in the First Club - The Speedy Gonzales Club! (Unfortunate name tho, what's Gonzales??)

  7. ooh love the speedy in dune! congrats!!! :smile:

    speedy gonzales was a cartoon character
  8. Wow those are some great pieces! I lvoe the dune color!!
  9. They are lovely. Think on it for a bit if you are really that unsure.
  10. that a mini lin bucket?!
  11. Wooowww! Beautiful purchases. Congrats! And enjoy!
  12. Actually I started the speedy club, but I always cringe when I see the name - can't believe I gave it such a campy name haha.

    More pics! I love my speedys!!!


  13. oh! haha i didn't know that. i think the name is kind of cute though :smile:
  14. I love the mini lin dune speedy.
  15. Yes it is! I kinda regretted purchasing this bag initially, especially after a search on "bucket" in this forum, many say the size is impractical, the straps difficult to keep on the shoulder, and many sold it after they got it.

    And another search on "dune" says that it will be hard to maintain. I have to get "dune" + "bucket"! Darn.

    But I felt a bit better after seeing the cool cartoon strip on the LV website featuring the white bags; the pretty lady was just twirling around her bucket before flinging it into the air, so lovely!

    But they forgot to show the aftermath - the dune bucket hitting the wet grass patch, and the lady screaming and screaming her head off at the sight of her expensive bag stained with mud!!