Mini square shw VS GST beige shw

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  1. Hello ~ I put on hold for both mini square lambskin shw and GST beige shw
    Mini flap is hard to come by
    GST is being discontinued

    I have :
    mini square red carvier shw
    Mini rectangular black rhw
    Classic jumbo black ghw
    Boy small lambskin ghw
    Deauville tote denim

    what would u choose?
  2. Which one would you use more? From what you listed in your collection the GST seems like the right choice but only if it fits in your lifestyle. On the other hand, you seem to like smaller bags so I guess the mini would work. I personally wouldn't choose the GST in that color but this isn't about me. I think you should go with the one that you would use more
  3. I rotate my bags as i have many bags.....i say its more likely "collecting" than "workhorse bag"
    I like to have something in light colour & since GST is being discontinued,i thought it might be a good idea to buy GST now.
    At the same time, mini flab is hard to come by 😔
  4. I would go with the discontinued GST as it will be near impossible to find. Question where are you purchasing it from? You already have a few mini's so wiser choice would be to get the GST. If you find you are not thrilled with it, the resell value will make up for it.
  5. I would go with GST IF you love that style, because you can get mini in the future anyway :smile:
  6. Mini isn't so hard to come by if you are ok with black lamb.

    I'd go with GST as you have more minis.

    I love my GST and minis equally but I think you have mini covered for now
  7. Do you like the GST or are you only considering it because it's being discontinued? I would personally go for another mini because I love the way they look and they're functional for my lifestyle. And I see that you have the Deauville tote which I also prefer over the GST. Good luck!
  8. Based on your collection, I think the GST would be a wonderful addition. It is a great everyday bag.
  9. The GST is a great bag, I think it is the most useful bag in my collection. It holds a great deal, easy access to your belongings, and it is beautiful. You have mini's already...
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