Mini Spys

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  1. what does eveyone think of the mini spys?
  2. I personally dont like them.. prefer the medium spy with the flap.. dont like the zipper thingy on the mini spy
  3. ^^ ITA .. i much prefer the meduim spy yet have to say mini spies are cute
  4. Not for me, give me a regular spy anyday
  5. I think it's a totally different bag. It shouldn't be used the word "spy" to describe it at all.
  6. I love it. I agree that it is a completely different bag.
  7. I have both the Spy and baby Spy and I love them both dearly but they are very different bags with their own good points! The baby is obviously less bulky and great to carry on the crook of the arm, it's more a weekend bag, but it holds a ton of stuff! The regular Spy is a much more luxurious bag, which is more dressy. Both bags are FUN to wear and I can wear them with nearly all my outfits, I do feel extra special when I wear either of them!:love:
  8. what does everyone think of the spy hobo. I like them, but I don't think they should qualify as a spy.
  9. i like the spy too, but which one would you recommend to buy? what color and etc...thx
  10. I think they're (in the voice of Borat) VERY NIIIICE!
  11. Katgrrrl,

    You just kill me. I Borat...:graucho:

    I love the "spy" hobo, altho' I do agree it can't really be called a spy because there are no spy bits to it.

    I love my chocolate mini spy, I think they're officially called spy baulettos (sp?) but again, nothing "spy" about them like the coin purse and tube thing on the actual spy.

    As an earlier poster noted, the mini spy is not bulky, holds a ton of stuff and IMHO, I like the security of the zipper and the zipper pull is cool & substantial.

  12. I :heart: :heart: :heart: all the different spy styles but they are all completely different bags and really can't be compared to each other.

    My personal fav is the baby spy, just because its the perfect size and style for me. :love:

    As much as I love the regular spy on other people, it's just too big for me and makes me look like I'm carrying luggage. The spy hobo is so cute too, but personally I've been more into satchels lately than shoulder bags.
  13. They are such different bags! :P

    I like the baby spy because it has a "fun" look to it (I always envision swinging it around when I'm carrying it) and the spy has a slightly classier look to it.

    It's a little annoying with the baby spy because you constantly have to unzip it, but I'm alright with it. Some people may just prefer the ease of the lift-flap of the spy:P