Mini Spy?

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  1. Yesterday I noticed someone carrying what looked to be a mini Fendi spy. It was smaller than all the other spy's that I have seen, and it didn't have the flap, just a zipper to close. Is there such a thing, or should I assume that was a fake? :suspiciou
  2. Nah, it's a real shape -

  3. I'm assuming there's a waitlist for this bag?
  4. The bag keeps on disappearing off of eLux.. but I'm not sure. I don't think it was as popular. Actually, I don't think there's very much of a waitlist for the full size Spy either. I saw two yesterday (both honey) at NM and Saks at Somerset Mall in Michigan.
  5. No waitlist. I saw lots of them in Vegas this past weekend. Also, there's one on e-luxury now. That's where I got my satchel. I think it's still there?
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