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  1. The regular spy bag is WAY too big for me, seriously it's like 4 times the size of my head.. :nuts: anyways, i've started to really like the mini spy and i want to get as much info on it as possible before i decide to buy one.. so ladies.. what's retail? what colors did it / does it come in ? if anyone here owns one, please post pictures of it / wearing it.. thanks :wlae:
  2. i cant really help you, but i want a mini too, but i also want a big one :smile:

    ps check out the bag showcase forum there are LOADS of spies/baby spies there.
  3. thanks but i tried to look thru there but there are so many threads, i don't know where to start... can anyone help me plz?? :sad:
  4. I feel the same way - the regular Spy is too big for a handheld bag, and the straps aren't practical to use as a shoulder bag. The baby spy seems like it would be the perfect size for a handbag!

    I found some pics in this thread - hope this helps:
  5. I think the baby spys start at 1310 and I think you can get them in satin on eluxury. I think they are also available in brown.

    See what,, and has....

    I wish I could be of more help!
  6. I tried on the baby spy at Holts...its so cute but it almost doesn't feel like a Spy anymore... IMO
  7. NM has the baby spy in Camel lambskin for $1300:
    Neiman Marcus* -*Small Spy Bowler
  8. I also found this in brown, dark brown, and brown leather/fabric mix at Styledrops- Fendi handbags
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