Mini Spy: Tribal vs. Petrol Blue- Need Help!

  1. Hello:

    I am a fairly new spy bag owner (the orginal spy in honey-i attached a pic) and am faced with a dilemma:confused1:. I LOVE my spy, but would also like to purchase a mini spy for the occasions when I don't want to carry a big bag. I am desperately searching for a petrol blu mini spy which I cannot find anywhere!!! So I settled for a tribal mini spy...which is a lot cuter than the tribal regular spy bag...see pic. I went ahead and purchased this at a steal because it's new and the colors are very nice. But I will sell it in a heartbeat if I can find a petol blue mini spy:p!

    Any ideas where I can get one??? Please help!
    6c14_1.jpg myminispy.jpg
  2. Honestly, I'd be really surprised if you found a petrol baby spy anytime soon. Your best bet is to either ask Fendi to do a search for you (which they may not do if you aren't a really good customer of theirs) and to check eBay relentlessly.

    I think the tribal is cute in the baby spy, though!
  3. Oh, and do you mind if I use your tribal baby spy pic for the picture reference?
  4. Feel free to use the pic. I don't mind.

    I passed up a Petrol Blue spy not long ago...I wasn't thinking straight:push:!! I do like the Tribal one though. I may grow attached and end up keeping it.

    I'm interesting in hearing opinions on the tribal mini spy. I saw that a lot of people didn't like the regualr sized tribal:tdown:.
  5. I really like that tribal mini spy, it's adorable. I'd be glad to babysit her for you!:cutesy:
  6. I :heart: the tribal spy, baby or biggie.

    I think your bag is lovely! A fantastic fall bag!
  7. Found it!:smile:
  8. found what?!?! the petrol baby?!?! where where?!?