mini Soufflot

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  1. I had a Soufflot and I love it very much. But the strap of the small round case tear apart after i used it a few times. I took it back to the store and they said they won't repair it. They ask me to use some glue to glue it back. However, I tried the superglue and it doesn't work. What should I do. Any advice will be appreciated. :sad:
  2. I don't have advice, but I'm very sorry to hear what happened to you. And you would think they would repair it for you:shrugs: .
  3. What do you mean they won´t repair it? Is it a fake? Because if it´s real I don´t see why they wouldn´t repair it.
  4. Glue? That doesn't sound right somehow.:weird:
  5. That doesn't sound right to me either, I can't believe they told you to glue it back together?!?! :shrugs:
  6. I bought it from their retail store. I actually went to 3 of their stores and ask about it. They all ask me to glue it back myself. :s
  7. Never heard of such a thing. If it is authentic...they should repair. Ask for a manager!
  8. I totally agree. If I bought a real LV that needed repair and I was told to glue it myself I would be pretty mad. Can you post a picture?
  9. Even if u get it from a reseller u can take it to any LV boutique to get it fixed :smile:
  10. LV should repair it for you not just gave you the advise to fix it by yourself!!!:cursing: :cursing:

    or you asked but didn't bring to store??
  11. That's Insane! Go to the manager and tell them whats up.. Glue??!?! Doesnt make sense
  12. I wish they would tell me to glue a bag I bought back together!!! :cursing:
  13. The strap is unrepairable, just order a new strap.
  14. WHAT? GLUE? this is a joke right? i'm with all the other pf ladies here.... no no no.... yup ask for the manager. this is just wrong. they should take it back and fix it. my husband had this mono wallet that he loved and used till all the stitching was gone. i asked them to stitch it up fix it up a bit. they did and they did a great job. he's gotten a few more wallets since then, but he can still use the mono!
  15. Hi, suzie w, may I know how much do they charge for stitching the wallet back? And how long does it take?

    I find it strange that they ask me to glue it back myself too. But I actually went to the store that I bought from, and also asked 2 other stores from different cities. And they all said the same thing. :confused1:

    Here is the picture of my round case. The strap just tear apart after i use it a few times.

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