mini skinnys

  1. scribble! It is so cute and perfect for spring.
  2. I vote for the scribble too.
  3. the scribble is wayyy cuter. im not really a fan of anything patchwork :yucky:
  4. Scribble gets my vote. :yes:
  5. scribble. i'm not liking the patchwork. :sad:
  6. The scribble is very springy!
  7. Well, I'm really not a fan of the new patchwork...but I saw the mini-skinny in person and it's kind of cute! I think the pattern is way too much for a big bag but on a little skinny, I liked it. As for the scribble, I'd be worried about it getting dirty since it would be thrown around in my bag with keys rubbing against it and shoved in my jacket pocket and stuff.
  8. Another vote for scribble!
  9. :heart: I like the scribble:heart:
  10. Definitely the scribble! I'm not digging the new patchwork and wasnt a huge fan of the old patchwork. Let us know what you decide.
  11. my vote = scribble!!!
  12. i'd definitely go with the scribble. the patchwork doesn't look appealing to me anyways.
  13. scribble but i think the patchwork is OK alright i'm no help here!! both?!
  14. scribble!