mini skinny

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  1. do credi cards fit comefortably in them? i was thinking of trying ot find a black one at holts to use instead of a wallet in my new swingpack
  2. I use it for cash, ID and a credit card. All are easy to access and replace. It has a gusset so that it makes it easy to get at the contents, as opposed to the other brand ones that are just flat with a zipper across the top which have no give at all. I love mine!
  3. I have 2 mini skinnys. I got one that was made for the outlet and its a bit stiff so I don't use it much. If I did it would probably break in a bit and be better. My other one is a denim blue signature stripe mini skinny and I love it. It is not stiff at all and easy to get into. Cards and cash fit nicely in it. Mostly I use it for a spare key and loyalty cards from grocery stores and as a change purse. They are really great and will go well with a swing pack.
  4. They are great for cash, id, credit cards...easy access and small enought o fit in my jeans pocket.:tup:
  5. yeah it fits ID, credit cards, and cash...there great
  6. OH it'll fit for sure! I LOVE my Skinny!
  7. i decided to pass on this. $50 cdn was just too much. i already have a louis clés, almost the same thing. i had a 10% off coupon from holts, but this is still more then the US price