mini skinny question

  1. I'm considering getting getting the signature mini skinny in the burgundy color but I have a question... how many card pockets does it have exactly? and also is it more like a coin purse, or does it open up partially like a wallet?? Sorry if these are stupid questions. I've seen them in the stores, just have never taken a close look. :shame:
    is this what you're talking about?
    cause it's really like a change purse. perfect size for a few credit cards and some cash, but that's about it. but it has one outside pocket, but i never put anything in there cause i'd probably lose it.
  3. One other pocket that could fit a couple more cards. The inside can also fit credit cards and ID, quite a bit actually as well as change and the nano. My phone fits tightly in there as well.
  4. Its just for essentials so if you are a charge it kind of gal, or debit or just need your ID when you're out and about its perfect. It also comes with a key ring for your keys.
  5. maybe if i didn't carry so many credit cards, i could fit more in there! :P
  6. You could use a mini skinny as a wallet and a change purse. If you want to use it as a wallet, you can fit a few credit cards and some money in it. There would also be enough room to put a lot of change in it, if you were going to use it just as a change purse... But i wouldn't put credit cards, money, and change in it together
  7. about five cards fit inside and some cash.
  8. Perfect! Thanks guys :smile: