Mini Skinny Owners!

  1. I was planning on getting a Swing Pack so I planning to get a Mini Skinny too. I just have a few questions. And if you have pictures that would be amazing. Thanks!

    - How much can your Mini Skinny hold?

    - Does your Mini Skinny have a compartment where it can store cards?
  2. it can hold quite a few cc's, cash, etc.

    i'll take pics for you, if you want.
  3. It doesn't have a slot INSIDE for cards, but there's a small one outside. Mine will hold typically about 5-6 cards and several bills folded in half, along with change.
  4. Yes the mini skinnies have a side compartment where you can store your ID and CC's. And you can store your cash inside the zipper. Does that make sense?
  5. kallison; If you could take pictures of the inside that would be great!

    razorbackbelle0; Thank you! Is the one on the right from the Signature Stripe collection?

    superstar; Could your cards fall out easily out of the side compartment? I am quite clumsy.
  6. Kallison's pics of the inside should be great :yes:

    Yes, they are actually both from the signature stripe collection-- the black one is the black signature stripe mini skinny and the other one is the multi-stripe mini skinny (the inside of it is punch pink!!!) :yes: :love:
  7. okay, i crammed a whole bunch into mine.

    8 cards, plus a few bills. outside pocket had 2 cards.

    eta: the outside compartment is deep enough to fit a cc, but i wouldn't recommend putting anythign important in there, just in case.
  8. razorbackbelle0; They are both gorgeous! I was planning to get a Mini Skinny and Swing Pack both from the Signature Stripe collection. I think you have just convinced me to get one now! Now I just need to know the size and compartments of the Mini Skinny.
  9. Kallison; Thank you so much for the pictures! I think a Mini Skinny would suit me nicely. I'm just scared I might lose cash or cards from the side compartment. Do they have a buckle or anything to keep it from falling?
  10. no, not on that side slot. but if that's all i'm carrying, for whatever reason, cash and cc's go inside- things like store loyalty cards go on the outside. but i've also used that section for stamps and receipts, too. :yes:
  11. kallison; Ookay, thanks for clearing that up.
    digby723; Thank you so much for pictures!
  12. Np :smile:
  13. I usually stuff the crap out of mine, it holds a lot. I keep the outside for my license, debit card, etc...makes it a lot easier to take it out quickly when I need it (however if I'm going somewhere and I won't have constant watch over my purse, the cc's and license go on the inside) and the inside fits my bills and change well.
  14. i have one and LOVE it. it fits what i need in there, but then again i use mine as a wallet and don't cary anything but my debit card, lisence, money change, occasional recipts and my ss card! it definately has helped me stay organized! hope that helps!