Mini Skinny or Multifunction Wallet?!?! Which one is better?

  1. I really need some advice.

    I was thinking about getting a multifunction wallet and a mini skinny.

    But when I got to thinking about, I am not sure if I will have use for a mini skinny, because isn't a multifunction wallet pretty similar? :confused1:

    Do they preform different functions for you?

    Do I really need both?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I have both and I'm actually going to sell my multifunction wallet. I use my skinny ALL the time! I put cards and some cash in it and put it in my pocket, it holds "extra" cards in my purse while my big wallet holds everything I use daily. It's great for small bags or backpacks if you're going somewhere you'll need a backpack (ball game). I guess it just depends on your lifestyle and what you already have! Good luck deciding!
  3. I carry both. I put all my cards in the wallet, with my license and main card in the front slot. Then my credit cards in the zipper compartment, and other cards (store rewards, library, insurance) in the pocket behind the zipper compartment. I use the back pocket for receipts I want to keep, etc.

    I use the mini skinny for cash and change.

    Love both of them!!
  4. I quit carrying my checkbook wallet and checkbook...trying to downsize!
  5. I say both because you can put your money, credit cards, & ID in the wallet and then the store rewards cards in the skinny, which you can also hang your keys off of! :smile: I wouldn't get just the skinny unless you are only using it for small bags. Unless you mainly only use credit cards, I don't think it will fit all your $ bills, change, credit cards, IDs, & store rewards cards. I only use the skinny, put then again I'm 13 and only have $10 for lunch and my school ID.
  6. I have had a multifunction wallet for some time now. I love it! I used to carry a large wallet full of stuff I never used! I now have all of my credit cards, ID, medical ID card, cash in the multifunction wallet. In the back part I have gift cards. I have purchased a mini skinny, but can't figure out what to use it for! It may go back because it just seems too small to be's awfully cute though!