mini skinny keychain

  1. Hope this isn't a silly question, but how many of you attach your keys to your mini skinny as opposed to a keychain.:confused1:

    If you do, how is that working for you? Is it very bulky?
  2. I do put my home keys in my skinny mini, it's not too bulky, just don't put too many coins in there.
  3. I'm waiting for my skinny mini but I do use my LV cles(same idea) as a key chain. I keep my drivers lic inside so that I can just grab my kids and go :smile:

    hope tis gives you an idea
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. I love the mini skinny, I just don't put a lot of stuff in there so it won't get too bulky. I usually keep my empty unless I'm running out without my purse then I put my license and credit card.

    At one time I had quite an LV cles collection but I've since had to part with them all. I really do wish that Coach would use a similar "keychain" instead of the split ring so it would be easier to switch back and forth! If they'd do that I'd own a ton of mini skinnies!!!
  5. ^^ agree!
    I think i'm going to invest in a bolt key holder(lv) for just that reason.
  6. I actually keep all those annoying scanner tags on that ring (the gym, CVS, grocery stores etc).
  7. I attach mine to my keys and will just throw in my license and debit card if I need to go on a quick errand.
  8. I have a full key ring, and I keep a spare key on whatever mini skinny I'm using. Usually the min skinny is where I store my store discount cards or credit cards.
  9. I dont attach keys. I use it as a card holder and I havent put any money in it. No Change at all. I guess because it is new and I dont want to ruin the tattersall lining.
  10. here is my mini :smile: it arrived today ...
  11. I just use mine to hold all my extra cards that I do not carry in my wallet
  12. I keep my iPod shuffle in mine, and if I am using a Swing Pack, I use it as my wallet.
  13. i use my mini skinny as a wallet & switch between attaching it & not...
  14. I don't attach it to my keys...I just keep it inside of my purse and put my membership cards in it (discount cards, club cards etc) - that way they're all accessible. I LOVE mini skinnies though - I just picked up a teal patent leather one!
  15. i attach it to my keys too. i used to keep my BART tickets in there when i worked in san francisco and had to cross the bay everyday. but i stopped working there, so now i just have some extra ponytails and bobby pins inside.

    i don't find it too bulky. occassionally it'll hit my leg while i'm driving because the mini skinny hangs low, but i don't mind.