Mini skinny key ring question

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  1. Hi everyone! I just got a hamptons mini skinny (to use as a small wallet and it's great btw!) and I had a question about the key ring. I always thought it was a split one (like the ones on keychains/keyfobs, you know?), but I noticed today that mine is all fused together! It looks like a split ring, but doesn't actually open up. Would someone mind checking theirs to see if it's like this also? Just wanted to see if I'd gotten a funky one! :confused1:

  2. uh oh..go exchange it, cause mine splits!
  3. i had one like that- i had to really work at it (and break a few nails) to get it open. just take it back and get a new one!
  4. Ok, thanks! I feel dumb that it took me sooo long to figure it out (I've used it about 3, 4 times already!). I'll take it in & get another one.
  5. Lol, I was so bored in class I considered trying to open it up like that. I think I'd need the hands of Death to open mine because the metal is actually one piece all the way around. :wtf:
  6. Ah, yeah definitely return it because mine splits as well. It's great for little keychain club cards.
  7. oooh. see, mine was only stuck about 1/2 way through, so i could pry the rest open. still a pain, though.
  8. Great Idea! :tup:
  9. those letter openers are the BEST for opening key rings. mine was really hard to pry open until i used a letter opener
  10. Good idea, Cindy! :idea: Yeah, definately take it back! Mine splits, as they should. After all, it is a key ring! lol. I don't understand why the SAs don't look at this stuff before they put it on the floor/ mail it out. :confused1: I guess when they put so much out at a time they don't have time, but IDK.