Mini skinny in khaki/black trim??

  1. Has anyone seen this or does it NOT exist? I'm going to buy my mom the Legacy swingpack in khaki/black for her birthday (her first Coach!) and I really want to find a khaki/black mini skinny to match but I can't find one??? I'm really surprised with all the khaki/black bags out now. Anyone know if this is coming out in the near future? or maybe it exists in JAX or in select stores?
    TIA! :p
  2. Anyone?? :s
  3. Lots of times Coach does mini skinnys as a department store exclusive...such as the denim signature stripe with legacy lining. You might check there...

    I have never seen a khaki with black trim, but it might exist. If it does, I would love to have one!
  4. Thanks again Becky! :yes: I'll check the department stores next time I go shopping. I was hoping someone had seen one somewhere or knew if JAX has them. I'll call JAX also. It just makes sense since they have so many bags in khaki/black now. Go figure.
  5. I lucked out and found mine on was a department store exclusive. It has a turnlock on the front and is an exact match to my khaki/ebony Legacy Shoulder. They are VERY hard to find...I hope you find one! Good luck!



  6. Ooooh. Can I ask what kind of keyword you used when searching on eBay??? I want it! :drool:
  7. I think that there is also the ergo mini skinny that is trimmed in black or may be black in the center. I will see if I can find a picture.
  8. Here is a picture

  9. OH, OH, OH!!! THANK YOU!!! I did not see this! This will be perfect!!! I like the one with the turnlock on the front but it may be too bulky for a swingpack. THANK You Disney girl!!:yahoo:
  10. Nice!!

  11. You are very welcome and it also should be very easy to find.