Mini Skinny Holds an iPod Nano?

  1. I'm looking for something to store my new pink Nano and I noticed on the site that Coach says their mini skinnys are great for holding just that! Does anyone use the skinny for holding their nano? Got any pics of it? Does it hold the headphones as well without getting too cramped? I'm so anal about not scratching my fun gadgets I wanna make sure I get something thats just perfect to hold it!
  2. I just ordered it on yesterday and it's one of the reasons why I ordered it. So I'm hoping it will hold my nano...but I also have a shuffle---the new tiny one that I just purchased too. I use that one when I workout. It will definitely either way I can carry my music with me....
  3. I didnt particularly like the way my nano fit in my skini but I know there are others on here who use them for that. I also have a skin on mine, dont know if that makes a real big difference. I wouldnt think so. It was a little cramped with the nano and the earbuds in my opinion.
  4. I would think you'd have to be careful not to scratch the screen of the nano, no?

    I don't have one...but I have the new shuffle (the tiny one)...and I agree it fits VERY well in a skinny with earbuds (and cash/a few cards)
  5. I just received this really cute mini from my RAOK buddy and I think it would be perfect for my Nano. I'll try it tonight and let you know.
  6. i have the 30gb, so i can't say. (darn my music obsession...)

    but go ahead and invest in those screen protectors for your nano. you'll be thankful if you ever scratch your nano against the zipper.
  7. I LOVE those size skinnys! I have in white leather, one in khaki sig/bronze accents. those really do hold alot more than the regular skinnys!

    I think you'd have no problem getting the nano and earbuds in that one.
  8. due to my clutzy nature...i have one of those ultra protective cases on my nano and it doesnt fit well. BUT i did take it out and put it in the mini skinny and it fits nicely just dont wrap the headphones around the nano while they are still plugged in because it might damage the headphone jack (speaking from experience!)