mini skinnies, wallets or wristlets? which one do you use more?

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  1. what do you usually put on your mini skinnies? do you prefer it more than wallets or wristlets?
  2. my mini skinny is perfect for going out...enough room for a credit card or two and some cash...and no alot to hold on to- and as long as i have my keys, i have my mini!

    i have a wallet and a wristlet...honestly, don't use the wristlet a whole bunch (i think i have makeup in one right now). use the wallet a lot, but just because it holds a heck of a lot more stuff.
  3. I put the same things in my minis as I do in my wristlets - anything I need fast access to - cash, change, driver's license, debit card and "club cards" I use frequently.

    I pretty much rotate my accessories with my bags, so I wouldn't say I use one more than the other, but I find both wristlets and skinnies to be much more useful than I first imagined them to be. I still carry a wallet separately b/c I just have too darn many cards (not that I use them, mind you)!
  4. I use my mini skinnies more. I switch those quite often. My wallet I usually put my stuff I don't normally use like my health insurance card, movie watcher card, id, etc. My skinny has my money, coins, reciepts. Things I use daily & it's easy to just grab for a quick errand & stuff in my pocket. I don't own any wristlets.
  5. I am using a coach wallet and a coach suede wristlet right now. Love em both!
  6. oh that's why i asked you ladies if you use mini skinnies more because i'm goin to buy my first skinny wallet =) the patent leather in mahogany =)
  7. I don't use my minnie skinny that often at all. I have 2 "medium" skinnies that I prefer (can get more stuff in there - it's a smidge wider) I really only use these, though, as a "wallet" in a swing pack.

    In my bag right now, I have a full size wallet (with all those random cards you don't need on a daily basis) and a wristlet. Right now I'm using my new Signature Flap wristlet...and I love it. It's great just to grab when I go shopping.
    I like being able to tuck my phone or lippy into a wristlet..and not have things bulking up my jacket pockets.

    so that's just me. :smile:
  8. I have the blue patent leather one & love it. please post pics when you get it!
  9. I love them both but i do use wristlets more. They allow more space and are perfect for my everyday uses.
  10. I have both. I use my wristlet a little more but wouldn't think about unloading my skinny mini.
  11. sure pursefanatic!!! i'm excited! but i'm gonna hide it from hubby, thou =) haha
  12. I think I would use both at the same time..
    i dont have a coach skinny currently, but I have one from marc jacobs that I keep cash for breaks and campus/loyalty/library cards that hangs onto one set of keys for me.

    But then I use wristlets for ipod, cell, lipgloss, and CCs, check books, whatever else I need. I am looking for something to insert into my wristlet to holdonto my cards, so I may end up with another skinny becuase my MJ one has a big lock that takes up much space.
  13. wristlets!

    :P i have the embossed (hampton's leather signature) flap wristlet in bordeaux -- i can't seem to let it go, and i have the mini signature wristlet in black and white, and black too.

    but this one holds all my cash, cards, camera or phone and i have my keys clipped to the side so that if i run out of my house with just the wristlet i'm set.

    i've never cared for minis that much, which is why i still haven't picked up the patent leather crimson mini even though i :heart: that color and it's currently sold out we just got three in from shipment.

    i think wristlets are more practical and holds more, just IMO.
  14. I have a full sized wallet I use everyday, and I bought a mini skinny to match each bag I have. I use the minis for the bags and just take out whatever cash and cards I need for the night. Most of my bags are too small to fit a full sized wallet in them, and I don't like carrying big bags, so the mini skinnies are perfect for me.
  15. The wristlets are just right for me. The minis are too small and require me to fold paper money, which I don't like to do. Wallets are too structured and don't hold a phone or lipstick. I use the wristlets as a wallet in my bags and then take it out when I only need a few things with me.