Mini Skinnies -- Am I the only one. .

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  1. . .that just loves them? I cant help it, theyre just so cute! I went to the outlet the other day and picked up these two.



    PS. They DID have a black leather Daphne at my outlet! I wanted it so bad! BUT -- I've decided I need to save for a new camera now since I've been borrowing my boyfriends and I cant take his back with me to NC :crybaby:
  2. Congrats on the new purchases they look great!
  3. YAY you got both the mini skinnies that you wanted!! I had two of them.. and ended up using my Coach ID card holder way more just because my dorm didn't need keys for entry so I had no use for the keyring. When I have keys again I might get another one.. they're adorable :heart:
  4. how much was the daphne?
    i'm dying for one!
  5. Congrats on the BEAUTIFUL purchases!!!! Love the both :love:
  6. I LOVE MINI SKINNIES TOO! Congrats on the awesome purchase! :o)
  7. Yeah V! Spill! How much was it?

    I think mini skinnies are adorable, too! My problem is I buy them and then never use them. I'll just take them out and admire them occasionally. I'm bad about wristlet's, too.:shame:

    The big Vegas trip is coming up and I'm sooooo excited to hit the outlet there!!!
  8. Thank you girls!

    lol Yes ma'am I did. I was shocked they even had the black one! I was so happy! I know what you mean, my dorm requires keys for entry and I messed up my lanyard so now I will probably put it on the black one which I put my car/house key on for now.

    It was on clearance for $439! I forget what the discount is for clearance items, I think 30-40% off? Plus the discount just for them being at the outlet. SUCH a good price! I wish I couldve gotten it but I need to save, save, save! Heres the number: 850 650 2884.

    Thanks girl! I saw your green zebra tote there too, I wanted it so much! But I couldnt get that for the same reason I couldnt get the Daphne :crybaby: I'm so sad thinking about them both. .I need to hit the lottery!
  9. OMG A! You gotta write me ASAP as soon as you get back from Vegas! I want pictures girl! Hotels and handcuffs remember? LOL. Oh and the Daphne, like above, it was $439 PLUS the store discount PLUS the clearance discount! SOMEONE BUY IT!
  10. yeah i just picked up another one, i had one but i beat it to death and seeing how instead of applying for a credit card i just picked up a cash card from my bank, its perfect for me. and they are really just so cute! i love both!! i would spend my whole morning deciding which one to use lol.
  11. mini skinnies are awesome! I love the black one, I've been looking for one of those.
  12. I love mini skinnies..currently I only have one. hmm...maybe next weekend when I go on vacation that will change. I really adore the black one w/ the front cute! How much was that one?
  13. Retail was $68 and I got it for $39.99!
  14. was not a fan but thanks for making me want one now! (like I don't covet enought things right now...)
  15. LOL Its okay I, tPF has taught me you can never have enough so I'm sticking to that :P
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