Mini Silverado?

Is this a mini silverado? Is there such a thing?

the handles look different than a silverado and the ends don't have pockets? - do they make this bag in leather?


To answer your questions - the Silverado is made in leather, python, or both leather and python.

The handles on that bag are like the silverado; it also appears that the bag has lizard/croc/or some exotic skin on it along with a smooth, gloss leather. Whether or not that is a Chloe, I don't know.

Does anyone know for certain that is a Chloe bag?
Buttery said: that a recent photo? I think I see a wedding ring.:lol: (I'm hoping they work things out.:shame: :biggrin: )

Sorry, I think that's an old pic.. I liked Jessica much better back when she was with Nick (well, like a year ago)..

Like the bag though ;)
My SA at Nordstrom CA (I think...I have called everywhere for the Chloe Edith today) said they had some new smaller Chloe bags, including Silverados, but not sure if that was the one they had a small version looks like a smaller Silverado satchel to me.