Mini signature?

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  1. I was in the outlet today and there is a lot of the mini signature. Is this still in or is this out? I am looking at the soho flap hobo with the buckle and the e/w soft duffle. I am contemplating the signature or the leather. I usually go for signature, but I am not sure about the mini signature. Thanks for the help, Mokey
  2. Do you mean if the small siggies are in fashion currently? Signature is.. Coach's signature LOL, so small or big siggies are just based on your preference. Some like them small and some like them with the big Cs, its just based on what you like.
  3. So this is a case where size doesn't matter? I just haven't seen any mini signature at all until I went in there and they had so many.
  4. I really like the mini signature collection. It is one of those collections (in my opinion) that will never really go out of style.
  5. That is very good to know. I just prefer the signature to the leather for the most part. I tend to get bored with the leather really quickly. Thanks for the opinions. Keep them coming please!
  6. I like minisig better than regular signature :biggrin:
  7. In my opinion, it depends on the colour and size of the bag. I love my mini-signature burgandy flap bag. However, if it's a large bag, I prefer the large signature.
    Coach Collection 006.jpg
  8. mini signature in the bags itself has been discontinued in coach stores so it's at outlet, but the accessories e.g. wallets would still have them at full price store.
  9. I like the minisig on acessories. I have one minisig bag. I always felt that bag was special cause it's the only minisig bag I have and I tend to not like it on bags. LOL.
  10. I am trying to decide between an e/w soft duffle or a soho buckle hobo (larger one). I have had a soft duffle and love it. I have never tried a flap so I am a little intrigued. Anyone have opinions on which they think is better? Thanks again everyone! Mokey
  11. I think you should try the flap if you already have a duffle. What colors are they?
  12. They have black, brown and white leather ones. They have brown and black mini sig and leather ones. In the duffles they have the same colors and fabrics/leathers. I wish I could make a decision!!!!!!
  13. I bought the black sig. soho flap today. I am having second thoughts about it also. thinking maybe I should have gotten the black leather. I got it at the outlet for $169.
  14. Post pictures if you can! Is it the one that's on the site?
  15. I think Coach is phasing this line out- I could only find 4 Mini-sig bags on Coach's website:

    Coach - Search Results

    My aunt has the hobo and I used to have the cell phone case (hopefully I can buy it back from my step-mom- I miss it now :lol: ) and I really like this line- nice and discreet.