Mini Sig back??

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  1. Morning ladies!

    I was checking out the Coach website and noticed this tote [​IMG] was available in 2 colors (brown and black). I was under the impression that they discontinued the mini signature line. :confused1: Are they bringing it back or is this just old stock being listed?

    TIA! :flowers:

    I found it by searching under Women's Accesories and clicking All Women's Accesories.


    Price: $398 Style No: 5707
  2. Yes, mini signature was discontinued. That bag is considered a "Classic Favorite" and so it will probably be available for some time. I don't think they'll be making anything new in mini signature, though.
  3. Thanks! I couldn't figure out why it was still listed since I thought that happened a while ago. Your post definitely cleared things up. :flowers: