mini satchel

  1. I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any cute mini satchels at the outlets. If so what kind. I saw one in Sams club but I know its a older one and they are asking $368 for it, which I really son't want to pay. SO if anyone knows I would appreciate it. If there are and they are worth it then I will make the 2 hour drive to the outlets. OR are any coming out soon in the boutique........ TIA
  2. I just came from an outlet, but not sure what you mean by a mini satchel. Can you describe or link me to a pic and I can tell you if I saw any at my outlet?
  3. oh my !

    i will be looking at my sam's for a mini satchel. i too wonder if they will hit the outlets?
  4. they had a bag alot liek the picture you attached at my marshall's on tuesday. but it was hot pink sig. very cute. but to small for me.
    it was 200.
    : )
  5. Ok, I think I've only seen regular size satchels then, don't remember a smaller version of them. Definitely didn't see the gold/purple one.
  6. I've seen the gold/purple one before at the outlets. I believe there's 2 sizes but I can't be sure.