Mini San Francisco Report....

  1. Hi everyone!

    As most of you know, I am in S.F. for my birthday with the specific goal of shopping! Mostly looking at MJ bags. This is a quickie-mini report, since I have only been here for part of one day, but I managed to see A LOT of MJ bags today. So far:

    1. I still DO NOT like those new multipockets/venetias, etc. The leather is still puffy
    and I really hate them. It's not the knots that are bothering me, that is ok, it's the
    thick-weird leather that is really noticeable on the pockets. I don't even want one
    of these on sale. Maybe I will change my mind. I don't think so. If it has that puffy
    leather, forget it! I also heard other people commenting on those bags that they
    were unattractive.

    2. The Dash bag is gorgeous!!! I am SUPER in love with this one. The leather is sooooo
    soft and the bag is just perfect. The lavender is TDF. I am really leaning towards
    the lavender. I also like it in the brown/dark brown combo. I am not nuts about it
    in solid, just because it is so beautiful in the two/tone. All of the bags in that grouping are
    really nice.

    3. No new Stams at the MJ store. They are still waiting for them. I did see the Look
    Book and those fluorescent colors look REALLY, REALLY BRIGHT. Almost too bright
    for me. I think the Tangerine, Teal and Plum will be pretty but the fluo bags are
    going to be a little much, I think. I saw a fluo green, yellow and pink. They remind
    me of the true Day Glo colors. The MJ store did have one Chestnut Hudson and
    the said that was the only Hudson in the company. Not sure if that was
    completely true. I asked if they had any of the solid colors (white or teal) and she
    said NO. Hmmmmm....

    4. Cherry Tart. I have a love/hate thing going on with this color. I like it. I really do.
    There is just one tiny thing bothering me. I really, really wanted this color to be
    a deep, glossy red. It is not shiny. It is more of a matte finish and the color is not
    even. I know that is the way it is supposed to be, but I was hoping it would be
    similar to the chocolate patchwork Stam. It is glossy. I also saw a pretty Blush
    Patchwork Stam. Nice. I have to go back to look at the Cherry Tart. I also liked
    the Gennifer bag in Cherry Tart. It was big and a nice shape.

    5. I realize I really LOVE the quilted Stam. Nobody had Truffle in stock. MJ store said
    they could order it. I really wanted to see it IRL. I wanted to see a full bag in that
    shade. Some of the other bags have touches of the Truffle on them, but I wanted
    the full impact of the Truffle Stam. I am kind of bummed about that. I did see
    something that I loved and it surprised me. The Yellow Stam! I have it on hold
    right now. In person, it is so pretty and surprisingly wearable. It is more mustard
    and I am really liking it.

    6. I also went to look at the LV Manhattan GM. I know this is the MJ forum, but I
    kind of think of the Manhattan GM as a MJ. It's basically a LV Venetia, designed by
    MJ. Only problem.....$1900+. EEK! I love this bag, though. What do you think of
    this bag?

    Okay, back to shopping. I am going to go back and visit my Yellow Stam.

    By the way, it was an ordeal getting here.....delayed flight, a cab that broke down, a walk with my luggage blocks and blocks trying to find another cab, getting sent to wrong hotel, etc., etc. LOL! It was kind of a crazy day. I think I need a MJ to cheer me up!

    To be continued.....:graucho:
  2. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
    I visited San Fran in Sep and DIDN'T WANNA LEAVE!!! Downtown is so nice - all the stores are so close together it was pretty amazing.
    We ate at some great restaurants over there (Frascati,Fleur de Lys, Slanted Door - highly recommend them!)

    AND I totally agree with you on like ALL OF YOUR POINTS!!
    Especially #1 - I could have wrote that myself...I really do not like the puffy leather....You couldn't sell that bag to me on sale either it's really kind of sad :sad:

    I have seen the Truffle Stam at Saks and it's BEAUTIFUL! I think if you saw it in person you'd go nuts. Honestly, I'd get it over the Yellow. The Saks in Huntington NY has them and order it. You won't be dissappointed!!!!!

    As for the Hudson - someone I know said they saw them at the MJ store in Massachusettes I believe.

    I love/hate the Cherry Tart's too bold for me...I'm a grey/brown/neutral/black/cream wearer the boldest I go is Plum/Indigo...

    They have this electric green Kermit-the-frog-gone-neon bag called the Froggie or something....what were they thinking...I'm not a huge fan.
    I think the Papaya is pretty nice. Lots of BOLD colors coming out (hides under the couch)
  3. aww welcome to the city and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Hope it didnt rain on you too much today, i think the sun peaked out just a few mins ago!
  4. Ooh, I'm going to SF tomorrow (visiting BF, yay!), hope you have a good trip.
    I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents that, while I love MJ, I think the LV Manhattan (GM and PM) is sooo pretty also... I saw a girl at the airport with one and I was totally jealous (not to mention that she was about 15, and also had an iPhone and a matching LV keepall.. sheesh). I would be held back by the price too though, I had no idea they were so expensive!
  5. happy birthday Roro!!!! :drinks:

    glad youre enjoying the city, and yes cabs really suck here
    im sorry to hear about the hotel incident, if i were you id be so mad

    i havent actually seen the new multipockets, are they that bad ??? :wtf:
    i saw a pic of the berry stam, and the color was just okay to me. the neon colors... i dunno bout that, maybe hes trying to bring back the 80's?

    and as for the manhattan gm, NOOOOOOO save your money to buy more venetias!!! :yahoo: im sure you need more venetias in spring colors :graucho:

    LOL but im biased, the whole LV logo thing never appealed to me, i do love the EPI line though...

    hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and your birthday!!
  6. HAPPY Birthday!:yahoo:

    Wow we have a bag in common. If I could get any one at full cost it would be the Gennifer or Klein in cherry tart! And yes I love the Manhattan PM, but hate the price. My friend just sold hers recently, she hated the strap.

    Enjoy yourself and bring lots of pics back!:supacool:
  7. The Klein bag is super super cute... and far roomier than you think once you open it up. Still, it was too small for me, and I passed on it. But darling bag.
  8. i love sf. it sounds like you're having a great time so far. i hope you get something fabulous for your birthday. the sa's at the sf mj are notorious for not being the most reliable. i saw that chestnut hudson the last time i was there, which was about two months ago. i also saw another hudson at miami two weeks later and dark brown one in ny just two days ago. :rolleyes:

    i think it's a little odd that there weren't any stams in the store. come to think of it, the ny mj only had about two. one in black and the other in milk. i didn't see any of the resort 07 stams either. wonder what's going on there. i completely agree with you about the cherrytart. the color photographs so well that it's kind of underwhelming when you see it in person. i was expecting a deeper red too.

    the manhattan pm is okay, but lv is so common now for lack of a better word. mj is more unique and stands out better in a crowd. it sounds like you're in :love: with the lavendar dash. i expect to see pics of it really soon! :angel:
  9. Now ya'll are making ME want a Dash!!! How does it compare in size to a Hudson, anyone have pics of them side by side?
  10. Welcome to San Francisco! :smile: Great report. Yeah, the SA's there are not the best. But it sure is a gorgeous store!
  11. i hope youre having fun!

    i had to go search the lv manhattan. i don't like it. i dont like the fact that marc jacobs and lv are mixing so much. i personally think lv is kinda ugly but to each her own. the monogramming is too loud and a bit tacky. i think it takes away from the real venetia a bit.
    i've never seen cherry tart in person but in pictures i think its absolutely lovely. i think the quilted stam is much nicer than the patchwork one.

    anyway, have fun shopping! be sure to buy lots of stuff.
  12. Happy Birthday!!

    If you're in Union Square, you should stop by the Saks and check out the truffle stam if they have it...

    When I was at my MJ boutique, I fell in love with the new Merlot color... have you looked at any of those bags? It's a nice red, but not as bright as Cherry Tart.

    Have fun, and eat lots of good food while you're there!
  13. Sounds like you are having a great time. I really like the Cherry Tart (only have seen it online, sad to report). thithi mentioned the Merlot color, did you see this at all? Can you compare to the Cherry Tart?

    If the above is your mini report, I can't wait to read the full report! Enjoy the rest of your trip.
  14. Oh my god, sounds like quite the adventure! Thanks for the update RoRo! Can't wait to hear more!
  15. Thanks for the update!!! Happy, happy birthday! I hope you get lots of MJ bags during this trip :tup: I haven't seen the dash IRL but the pics look gorgeous. I'd say GO FOR IT!!! Why pick a color...get both the lavender and's your birthday after all.

    Forget the Manhattan GM. I've been wanting the Manhattan PM forever but everytime I think I am ready to take the plunge, I realize that there are many other MJ bags that are more worth $1600 (for the PM, which is just a tad cheaper than the GM).

    Anyway, definitely get lots of shopping done. SF is great for that! As well as the's an amazing, amazing city. I feel less homesick since moving over the summer. You really can't beat the winter weather.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip. Can't wait to hear more updates!!!