mini sac

  1. What do you think about the mini sac? I think it's the only LV item that I'm actually hesitant to buy. When I was a teen and I said I wanted it my mum used to say "I'm willing to get you anything,something a bit more useful". I'm considering it now...Owners or not, I'd like your opinion...
  2. I had a mono mini sac as my first LV. Such a very cute mini speedy. :love: Got lots of compliments but just very impractical. :push: Although it's roomy for its small size, I still prefer to carry my usual medium to big size bags most of the time. The mini sac is great for going out at night if you don't have much to carry, like a cell phone, lip gloss, ID, money, and keys. I sold mine awhile ago and have replaced it with a mini ellipse and a mono wapity. I do miss my mini sac sometimes... :crybaby:
  3. I bought one for my liitle girl, she's turned seven today, I know she's gonna love it!
  4. What do you use the wapity for? I love that one too.
  5. I think the mini sac is too small for a grown woman
  6. cute but too small but I'm still tempted to get it!
  7. I had a Mini HL...too small for everyday, but great for going out. I returned mine to the store after many years due to a defect. I would not replace it. I now carry the Damier Illovo PM for going out and it carries over well into the daytime too...gosh you can fit a lot in that bag, I really should post a picture of it and its contents!
  8. I actually love it. It hold my essentials and I have carried it daily. I put my keys, cell, chapstick, and purrell in it. There is another thread if you do a search where someone posted pics inside her bag of what she has in it and what it can fit.
  9. It was meant to be a cosmetic poche in a larger bag or for storing valuables while in transit.:idea:
  10. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    sorry about BIG pics..... my baby is the model, cute for a tiny people!!!:roflmfao: :heart:
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  13. I like the mini sac hl.
  14. omg! sophia, your baby is so adorable with her mini sac! i want a mini sac!