mini sac HL

  1. I've adored the multicolored mini sac for as long as I can remember, I'm so bummed that they've discontinued it! I'm currently bidding for one on eBay :smile: *fingers crossed*

    I'd looooove to see some pic of you modelling your mini sac, multicolore or monogram. pleeease pretttty pleeease? :graucho:
  2. never mind
  3. ah! i can see your black mini sac in your avatar! *drools*
  4. The Mini HL is sooo cute. I always thought if I had a daughter one day, it would be perfect for her. Now they are discontinuing it.
  5. They discontinued it? The monogram and black?? Thank goodness I have them! Wish I had the white though....color transfer or not!
  6. what they are discountinueing this bag aswell? all the bags i like get discountinued... AFTER i buy them... but i don't like mine, i want to sell it one day, its way tooo small for me...

    here are some pix..

    its the black MC

    how much should i sell it for?


    bad qaulity pic from my old cell phone ><
  7. oooh. i have it in white, and its TDF!
  8. the monogram is available in (UK) but I can't find the multicolore anywhere! *sob sob*
  9. you ladies are so lucky :heart: from now on... no more HESTITATION! lol
  10. rinstar311 thanks for the link to the mini sac club! eBay eBay ebay i hope i get it.
  11. Oo i like the black one but i love my mono one :smile: good luck i hope you get it!
  12. savvyblonde, color transfer? what do u mean? pls pardon my vuitton-ignorance :push:
  13. has a black one there atm. Seems in ok condition.
  14. Cute colors, it'll sell well too. Check ebay for a couple months to see what they sell for