Mini Sac HL or Wapity?

Mini Sac.......or the
I'd have to say Wapity! I'd think you'd have more uses with it.
Wapity!! It's just so much more fun to say than Mini Sac.

But really... I would go with the wapity because you can use it for a camera case or a make up bag or a clutch type bag. I don't see the mini sac being as functional.
WAPITY!! I love it:love::love::love:! I have it in white MC and I put my digi camera, lipgloss, and IDs (there is an inside pocket) and I'm set for a day of sites! :biggrin:
i'd say the wapity also. it's more functional and practical than the mini sac. it's nice how you can wear it around your wrist. the mini sac being a handheld bag and it being so small just doesn't do it for me. plus i like the fact that the wapity has an inside pocket. it's too cute.
I have the mini sac hl and i was really looking into getting the wapity. I used the mini sac when I was it just doesnt look right so i'm passing it on to my boyfriends niece.
I Have Both The White & The Black MC Mini Sac HLs ~ I LOVE Them. I Never Got Around To The Mono (Which Is So Cute!)......Though The Wapity Seems To Have Function To It. Let Us Know What You Decide!