Mini Sac HL or Wapity?

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  1. I am looking for a cute little daytime accessory but I am not sure if I should choose the mini sac or the wapity, they are both really so0o0o0oo0 cute!:love:
  2. [​IMG]Mini Sac.......or the[​IMG]Wapity?
    I'd have to say Wapity! I'd think you'd have more uses with it.
  3. honestly i don't like either. but if i had to pick one it would be the wapity. definately not both.
  4. Wapity. I had the baby speedy and it doesn't do it for me.
  5. I have too much stuff to ever fit in either of those bags but if I had to chose it would be the Wapity.
  6. wapity...:Push:
  7. Wapity!! It's just so much more fun to say than Mini Sac.

    But really... I would go with the wapity because you can use it for a camera case or a make up bag or a clutch type bag. I don't see the mini sac being as functional.
  8. WAPITY!! I love it:love::love::love:! I have it in white MC and I put my digi camera, lipgloss, and IDs (there is an inside pocket) and I'm set for a day of sites! :biggrin:
  9. i'd say the wapity also. it's more functional and practical than the mini sac. it's nice how you can wear it around your wrist. the mini sac being a handheld bag and it being so small just doesn't do it for me. plus i like the fact that the wapity has an inside pocket. it's too cute.
  10. I have the mini sac hl and i was really looking into getting the wapity. I used the mini sac when I was it just doesnt look right so i'm passing it on to my boyfriends niece.
  11. the wapity
  12. Wapity :love:
  13. I Have Both The White & The Black MC Mini Sac HLs ~ I LOVE Them. I Never Got Around To The Mono (Which Is So Cute!)......Though The Wapity Seems To Have Function To It. Let Us Know What You Decide!
  14. wapity.. mini sac looks like a kids purse to me.
  15. Mini Sac!!!