Mini Rockie still "in"?

  1. I've been eyeing this style for years! Since I've seen the regular sized Rockie.. I didn't know they came out with a mini until I googled it last month. I managed to score one in black + rose gold HW at Nordstrom Rack for $350 CAD! I actually have not seen anyone with the Rockie in Toronto, so I'm just wondering - is this style on it's way out? I absolutely love the size of the mini.
  2. Great deal! No, I really believe the AW Rockie/Rocco line is a classic that will be around a long time. Roccos were introduced over 10 years ago, and though Wang doesn’t make that size anymore, Rockies and Minis are still made every season and the one you got still shows up on his website under “classics” for $650 US!

    In general though, AW bags are not as common as many other brands, so I’m not surprised you haven’t seen one in TO. Enjoy it, and know you are carrying an under-the-radar classic that true fashion lovers will recognize.
  3. I actually live in Toronto and just bought one in white with rose gold hardware from Fashion Phile. I have been eyeing it for years, but with too many black bags, I didnt want another, so when I saw the white and rose gold combo online, I decided to get it.