Mini Rg mangue or GGH electric blue

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  1. I would like a day bag. I have been longing for a magenta and never appear and I have waited too long thus I am deciding between these two.
    Can you help me ? I really like the GGh combo but would electric blue goes well denim? I would like Something versatile on a day to day basis..and I haven't seen mangue IRL and am really not sure how it will look.
  2. Mangue is a very pretty shade of yellow IMO. Not too neon-like yet a stunning pop of colour. But because it is a light colour it also gets dirty easily. So if you're planning to wear with dark denim, and don't intend to baby your bag a lot, it may be safer to go with electric blue.
  3. I vote EB in GGH!
  4. Oh it's yellow..I must have been mistaken. I thought it looks close to brulee.
    Thanks Yikkie