Mini reveal :)

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  1. Hi everyone! !!
    I was looking for a daily small bag. At first wanted Chanel Woc. Wanted something small and lightweight and saw this prada bag that I can fit a few more things. My hubby love this as he said it's more practical compared to d WOC.

    My thoughts:- it's way more practical compared to WOC.

    Do let me know your thoughts?

    Hugs :smile:

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  2. Is this the BL0851? I'm planning on getting one as well.

    It is such a gorgeous bag and design. If one size up,it's still gorgeous.
  3. Ahhhh love!! I have the exact same one and I love it! It fits everything I want just to go out. Congrats!!!
  4. Here's your gorgeous bag here. I love it!
  5. Mine is bl0838 :smile:
  6. It's very cute. :biggrin: I haven't seen that model IRL so I cannot definitively say that it fits more than the WOC; however, it sure looks like it!
  7. So cute :smile:) congrats
  8. Congrats!!
  9. Do you have any model pics to compare? I'm assuming its fits on you arm? Pic is deceiving that's all. I a m considering a WOC myself! Thanks!
  10. Here's some modeling pics :smile:

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  11. That's great thank you, much bigger than I thought! Enjoy your new bag
  12. Its soo nice i just got a similar one in the color orchaidea
  13. Very cute bag!
  14. Congrats! It's so feminine, classic and timeless!
  15. Cute bag! Congrats